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The WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute is applying its Integrated Neuroscience infrastructure to rapidly deploy an innovative national study to understand the spread of COVID-19, while protecting our health and economy.


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How it Works

RNI scientists have partnered with Oura to unveil a potential breakthrough by developing an artificial intelligence (AI) driven model that can identify individuals before they become contagious.
The Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute smartphone app goes beyond physical symptom and body temperature tracking through a holistic integrated neuroscience approach – measuring daily changes in physiological, psychological, cognitive, and behavioral biometrics.
With this holistic approach the data analytic team is able to predict the onset of physical symptoms before they occur. Additionally, the team is gaining a greater understanding of the recovery and treatment of COVID-19.

How it Works

RNI Holistic Integrated Neuro Monitoring

Solving Problems Through Science

The RNI smartphone app and Oura smart ring have been deployed to physicians, nurses and other frontline emergency room, intensive care units, COVID-19 testing tents, urgent care, and others directly working to care for patients with COVID-19 in West Virginia.

In addition, the RNI is partnering with hospitals across the country, including those in New York City, Philadelphia, Nashville and other critical emerging areas, to monitor more than 1,000 front-line healthcare personnel with exposure to COVID-19.

Research Participant Groups

WVU Faculty and Staff

For WVU Faculty and Staff.

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For those who already have a ring and PIN assigned for approval to be part of the study.

West Virginia National Guard

For members of the West Virginia National Guard.

General Public

This study is now open to the general public. Register to join.

Frontline Healthcare Workers

For frontline workers who are in contact with COVID-19 positive people.


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“We are continuously monitoring the mind-body connectivity through our integrated neuroscience platform measuring the autonomic nervous system, fatigue, anxiety, circadian rhythms, and other human resilience and recovery functions. Our AI-driven models are currently predicting symptoms 3 days prior to onset. This forecasting capability will help us get ahead of this pandemic; limit the spread to protect healthcare workers, their families, and our communities; and improve our understanding of health recovery.”

Ali Rezai, MD, Executive Chair of the WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute

Giving Opportunities

This fund allows the Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute to break barriers in research and patient care. Your generosity provides momentum for the Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute to leverage cutting-edge technologies and strategic alliances to overcome the barriers to resolving some of the most persistent public health challenges, ranging from addiction to Alzheimer’s disease.