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Through our advanced recovery research at the Human Performance Innovation Center, we are able to combine different subsets of the AMP2 population to cohesively work together and benefit the whole.

In accordance with the core mission of the Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute (RNI), –to “Drive advances in science and innovation to improve population health and wellness,”– the RNI not only executes basic and applied scientific studies, but also translates that knowledge into products and technologies. The most unique aspects of this mission are the communities that partner with the RNI, known as AMP2AMP2 represents the Athletics, Military (and first responders), Patient, and general Population communities.  While each of these communities have specific needs, there is an intersection in health, wellness, performance, and longevity that applies to all individuals. The Human Performance Innovation Center and all our partners are after improved “performance.”  For example, improved movement function for Parkinson’s patients, accelerated recovery from intense training for Athletics & Military, and lower inflammation and oxidative stress in the general Population are all critical needs for the AMP2 community under the mission of “Advancing Human Performance”.

The Human Performance Innovation Center’s partnership with the RNI allows us the opportunity to apply what we have learned from our Athletic and Military populations, to our Patient populations and the general population at large. For instance, trying to increase pre-surgical readiness and post-surgical recovery, as well as working with specialized populations, like those with chronic pain and addiction.


At the Human Performance Innovation Center we value information sharing to help improve and inform best practices. Click on the tiles below to learn more about our research!

Applying Heart Rate Variability to Monitor Health and Performance in Tactical Personnel: A Narrative Review


Mark D. Stephenson, Andrew G. Thompson, Justin J. Merrigan, Jason D. Stone and Joshua A. Hagen

Applying Force Plate Technology to Inform Human Performance Programming in Tactical Populations


Justin J. Merrigan, Jason D. Stone, Joel R. Martin, William Guy Hornsby, Scott M. Galster and

Joshua A. Hagen

Assessing the Accuracy of Popular Commercial Technologies That Measure Resting Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability


Jason D. Stone, Hana K. Ulman, Kaylee Tran, Andrew G. Thompson, Manuel D. Halter, Jad H. Ramadan, Mark Stephenson, Victor S. Finomore Jr., Scott M. Galster, Ali R. Rezai and Joshua A. Hagen