Department of Neuroradiology

One of the first first independent neuroradiology academic departments in the country.

Department of Neuroradiology

One of the first first independent neuroradiology academic departments in the country.

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Our Neuroradiology Department is one of the first independent neuroradiology academic departments in the country. The department has 12 clinical faculty, two PhD faculty, one advanced practice professional and one research nurse coordinator and research scholar.

The department has a nationally recognized neurointerventional service for minimally invasive treatment of head, neck and spine pathologies. Innovative clinical trials put the program at the forefront of managing cerebrovascular diseases, complementing the vascular and skull base neurosurgical programs.

The team recently conducted first-in-human treatment of brain aneurysms using a novel device, and performed the first U.S. case using a new embolic agent for treatment of chronic subdural hematoma. The RNI is one of the only centers in the region offering access to these novel clinical trials.



Neuroimaging Services

Neuroradiology’s mission is to provide outstanding patient care, quality education, and extraordinary service to the state of West Virginia as well as the surrounding areas. With our imaging analytics and informatics division spearheading initiatives in artificial intelligence and federated research, we have the potential to transform multicenter research collaboration, clinical trials, and utilizing bid data to improved patient care.

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Neurointerventional Radiology

The expert neurointerventional radiologists at WVU Medicine have provided minimally invasive treatments for strokes and aneurysms for more than 15 years. Using neuroimaging, our physicians can create individualized treatment plans designed to help each patient have the best outcome possible. Our treatment protocols are based on the latest evidence, including research conducted at our own medical center. The neurointerventional team is available around the clock for emergency stroke and aneurysm care, striving to begin treatment as quickly as possible.

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We offer two nationally-accredited fellowship training programs. The first is in Diagnostic Neuroradiology, accredited by the American College of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME); the second is in Endovascular Neurosurgery, accredited by the Committee on Advanced Subspecialty Training (CAST). Fellows are engaged in resident education programs in Radiology, Neurosurgery and Neurology.



Claudia Brewer

After a life-threatening stroke, 70-year old Claudia Brewer underwent a delicate intracranial stent procedure to open up a severely narrowed left artery resolving her condition. This first of its kind resolution of limbshaking transient ischemic attack was published by the team and Claudia has remained symptom free since the procedure.


Abdul Tarabishy 10132021

“I came here from Emory University because of the national reputation for genuine collaboration and a standard of excellence. I’ve stayed because of the RNI’s unique combination of growth, professional recognitions, and unparalleled clinical and academic support.”

Associate Professor of Neuroradiology
Neuroradiology Program Director

Drew Rager

“Successfully completing our first Low Intensity Focused Ultrasound procedure for Alzheimer’s disease was incredible. A colleague described it as ‘our version of walking on the moon.’ Now, we’re focused on new breakthroughs in focused ultrasound and ways to discover new treatments.”

MRI Manager