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Each concussion is as unique as the person injured. Some concussions improve quickly, while other patients may experience symptoms that interfere with school, work, or daily functioning for months, or even longer. Through clinical interviews, vestibular-ocular motor screening, and use of ImPACT our providers craft an individualized treatment plan while continuing to monitor recovery during treatment.

Patient needs and treatment planning are very individualized, and although most patients will need some of these services, few will need all.

Patients seen at the RNI Concussion and Brain Injury Clinic will have access to specialty services including:

  • Sports Medicine
  • Neuropsychology
  • Neurology
  • Exertion/Exercise Therapy
  • Neuro-vestibular Therapy


Whether a pediatric patient or a professional athlete, each patient at the RNI Concussion and Brain Injury Clinic follows a treatment plan tailored to his or her individual needs and symptoms. With extensive experience working with pediatric, high school, collegiate, and professional athletes, our concussion specialists quickly identify the signs and symptoms of concussion and direct patients into the best treatment path to recovery.

Our goal is to evaluate acute injuries as quickly as possible after they happen, as early intervention gets patients on the right track to recovery quickly. However, many patients are first seen here after symptoms have persisted for several months. Initial evaluations are performed either in person, or through telemedicine visits.

Our patients leave each appointment with a targeted treatment plan, updated at every visit. For those who need them, services such as exertion therapy and vestibular therapy are available at our Morgantown clinic.

We offer a variety of concussion educational programs for athletes, parents, and coaches to help better recognize the signs and symptoms of concussion, research-based strategies for reducing concussion, and knowing when it safe for an athlete to return to play.


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Referrals and appointment requests

RNI Concussion and Brain Injury Clinic patients have several options for scheduling and completing appointments. All patient referrals will be coordinated by our support staff. Appointment options include local in-person visits, telemedicine visits, and out-of-town visits.

If you need to refer a patient or schedule an appointment, please call 304-598-6127.


If you are a healthcare provider and would like to consult with our concussion team, please call our Medical Access Referral System (MARS) at (800) 982-6277.


ImPACT Baseline Testing

ImPACT is a tool is used by healthcare, education, and sports organizations to help assess and manage concussions. Baseline testing with ImPACT allows providers to document an uninjured athlete’s healthy brain function before a concussion happens. This allows providers to compare brain function before and after a head injury.

ImPACT baseline testing is available at the WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute Innovation Center, located on the WVU Medicine/WVU Health Sciences campus in Morgantown.

For more information on ImPACT baseline testing, please contact [email protected]